Eloquence today is as essential as analysis, judgment, and thoughtfulness.
Eloquence today ought to be elevated to the same status as
analysis, judgment, and thoughtfulness.

Rashid N. Kapadia

Do you want  to become a Brilliant Speaker?
Do you want to become a more Compelling Communicator?
Do you want to become a Mesmerizing Messenger?
Necessary Bridges INC can help you
Improve your Speaking, Interviewing, and Business Writing skills!

We provide keynotes, interview coaching, workshops, language coaching, and other full cycle career services. Whether you’re just starting out and need to polish your interviewing skills, or you’re a seasoned veteran who wants to make that killer presentation to get noticed, we can help you shine.

I wish to persuade you of something: That
however much public speaking skills matter today,
they are going to matter even more in the future.
Chris Anderson: TED Talks

Eloquence is a seedbed of human-connection.
Eloquence is a seedbed for professional and business success.

Rashid N. Kapadia

Necessary Bridges can help you acquire public speaking expertise
Rashid N. Kapadia can persuade you to become a BRILLIANT Speaker!

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Rashid N. Kapadia

Your Initial Steps

  1. Buy Necessary Bridges. Read preface & chapter 1. Start writing down your life story.
  2. Read chapters 2 & 3.  Name your project. Create a PROJECT CHARTER.
  3. Read chapters 4 & 5. This completes the basics.
  4. If you want to work further with me, this is a good starting point. Send me your project charter. Schedule a 30 minute consultation. (introductions + your life story = 15 minutes: your project charter review + next steps = 15 minutesContact me, or call me. + 1 832 728 6886.

Statement by Healthcare Leadership Expert Tim Durkin

Necessary Bridges is an excellent, dare I say indispensable, book for anyone who is or aspires to be a project manager, engineer, accountant or scientist.

Kapadia is a gifted writer and speakerHis goal is to enable and ennoble those who aspire to succeed in the STEM based vocations.

This book is a specific how-to, owners manual for speaking success. I enjoyed every page and learned a great deal. It is the best book I have ever read on the subject.
Tim Durkin, Healthcare Leadership Expert
P.S. I have been speaking professionally for over 20 years.

… By the way, please know that I take this book to each of my management courses
I teach at SMU, and actually show it to the executives, (it’s an Executive
Education program) most of whom are engineers or IT professionals. I
tell them it’s the one book they need to become top notch presenters and

Statement by Director of Education, SpeakerMatch Academy  Richard Andrews

Rashid Kapadia’s new book, ‘Necessary Bridges’, has broken new ground in the literary cannon of public speaking. In a powerful, novel way he breathes new life into the professional applications (and necessities!) of becoming a competent and skilled speaker. He does so primarily for those in the engineering industry, but also by extension for anyone who wants to spread their message more purposefully, with grace and a tangible positive impact.

Kapadia’s writing is conversational in an intimate, eloquent and generous way. He’s an evangelist for the uses of public speaking, especially as it relates to engineers and project managers, and he persuades gently with a knowing wisdom and hard-won experience, born of a lifetime of self-improvement, especially in the realms of effective communication and professional development. He wants to help you inspire greatness in others, wherever you stand and whatever your aspirations.

Some writers have a propensity for eliciting real change from their readers, simply in the way they bridge concrete practicality with a rich imagining of the improved results they help us believe are possible. Such a writer blends factual knowledge alongside the impetus for self-actualization and exploring the uppermost possibilities of our peak potential. Mr. Kapadia is such a writer. He challenges and rebukes staid conventions as much as he affirms and encourages the forging of new paths forward. He admonishes us to discover our own success possibilities by becoming more polished and persuasive speakers.

As such, ‘Necessary Bridges’ is a potent blueprint for enriching your own growth by becoming a skilled communicator, but it is also a highly valuable resource for anyone wanting to become a more effective leader generally. His contributions to the field will be lasting; this book is an instant classic that can be returned to again and again for insight, advice and an informed, broad-minded perspective on the art and highest utility of public speaking.

Necessary Bridges is like reading 100 Great Books in One! Crissy Butts
Necessary Bridges is loaded with juicy goodness for any aspiring speaker! Rashid is so well read, when you finish, it’s like reading 100 Great Books in One! This book is PACKED with great additional resources that Rashid has gleaned from, if you only have time to read 1 Speaker Coaching Book, read Necessary Bridges!

I’ve heard Rashid speak and he WALKS the TALK. He engages the audience, has learned to read the facial expressions and respond accordingly. He is gentle, funny, approachable, and helps others to be at ease. He has become a mentor to many Houston Chapter National Speaker Association Academy Students, Toastmasters Members, and so many others. He is philanthropic in nature and Necessary Bridges shares an abundance of tips to become a better speaker as well as a better person! 5 Stars All the Way!

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