Amazon Customer Reviews

Amazon Customer Reviews

Harindra Vasavada on December 6, 2018
This is an extraordinarily brilliant book. I highly recommend to all.
Rashid has written this book for Project Managers and Engineers, because as a Project Manager & Engineer (PM & E) himself, he realized that PM & E are compromising their professional career advancement by not being “good enough” in public speaking and storytelling (PS & ST)
However, it is very useful for anybody wishing to develop the art and science of public speaking and storytelling and excel at it. Rashid has given tips and tools for all aspects of PS&ST – how to begin in a way to capture attention of audience in a few seconds, transition to main theme of the speech and how to end and with what emotion you want audience to leave.
He has himself worked hard for developing and mastering the art and has given everything from his experience of the journey.
One cannot develop and become great speaker just by reading this book. He makes it very clear in the beginning that you have to commit “time & money” and is repeating over and over again. Also you need to take guidance from the Coach and also join Toastmaster Club in your area to start with ice-breaking speech and then practice more and more to fine tune it.
While Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000 Hours” may not be literally applicable here, the key is lot of “Deliberate Practice” with each speech to refine and polish. Rashid has provided lot of resources and links to great speeches, because he is convinced about Nelson Mandela’s idea of “using the work of others” to inspire. He has also analyzed some of the great speeches to validate his tips. Thus, overall this is a wonderful book.
This is a book you need to come again and again for reference and read it carefully and patiently often. I don’t think you will get any better book in the market for the subject. I congratulate Rashid for doing excellent service by writing this book and providing it at a very reasonable price.

By Richard Andrews on June 10, 2016

Rashid Kapadia’s new book, ‘Necessary Bridges’, has broken new ground in the literary cannon of public speaking. In a powerful, novel way he breathes new life into the professional applications (and necessities!) of becoming a competent and skilled speaker. He does so primarily for those in the engineering industry, but also by extension for anyone who wants to spread their message more purposefully, with grace and a tangible positive impact.

Kapadia’s writing is conversational in an intimate, eloquent and generous way. He’s an evangelist for the uses of public speaking, especially as it relates to engineers and project managers, and he persuades gently with a knowing wisdom and hard-won experience, born of a lifetime of self-improvement, especially in the realms of effective communication and professional development. He wants to help you inspire greatness in others, wherever you stand and whatever your aspirations.

Some writers have a propensity for eliciting real change from their readers, simply in the way they bridge concrete practicality with a rich imagining of the improved results they help us believe are possible. Such a writer blends factual knowledge alongside the impetus for self-actualization and exploring the uppermost possibilities of our peak potential. Mr. Kapadia is such a writer. He challenges and rebukes staid conventions as much as he affirms and encourages the forging of new paths forward. He admonishes us to discover our own success possibilities by becoming more polished and persuasive speakers.

As such, ‘Necessary Bridges’ is a potent blueprint for enriching your own growth by becoming a skilled communicator, but it is also a highly valuable resource for anyone wanting to become a more effective leader generally. His contributions to the field will be lasting; this book is an instant classic that can be returned to again and again for insight, advice and an informed, broad-minded perspective on the art and highest utility of public speaking.
Richard Andrews, M.Ed, CPRS
Director of Education
SpeakerMatch Academy
“Build a Thriving Speaking Business!”

on December 22, 2015
(whoever you are, Amazon Customer: THANK YOU)
Necessary Bridges is one of the best self-development books that I have read. I make this bold statement because the writer truly appears to care about his reader’s success and mastery of the topic. If you are an analytical person, you will enjoy how well researched the book is. More importantly the author includes a number of additional references and specific actions supporting the goal of becoming an outstanding presenter.
I highly recommend this book if you are ready to put some work into moving your career to the next level.

Reviewed in the United States on May 10, 2015

Necessary Bridges is an excellent, dare I say indispensable, book for anyone who is or aspires to be a project manager, engineer, accountant or scientist. Kapadia is a gifted writer as well as speaker. His goal is to enable and ennoble those who aspire to succeed in the STEM based vocations. This book is a specific how-to, owners manual for speaking success. I enjoyed every page and learned a great deal. It is the best book I have ever read on the subject. P.S. I have been speaking professionally for over 20 years.

on April 9, 2018
This is the “how to learn to speak” not for dummies but for people who have life stories and skills valuable to others, but who are afraid of public speaking (most of humankind) The bonus is that Rashid is able as to bring his knowledge and extensive experience to companies that want to build this skill into their engineer and other technical people… and to transfer this skill to those responsible for training and development of their human capital…. and as a bonus he is a role model for those in a multi-cultural environment. On reading this great book I met Rashid and was extremely impressed on several levels.

Reviewed in the United States on April 11, 2016

To wit, although some engineers may disagree, you cannot master the art of public speaking by merely reading a book. But jokes aside, nor can you do so without reading great works on the science behind it.

Two thumbs up for engineer, and author, Rashid Kapadia! He totally gets it that before before public speaking can be practised effectively as an art, it’s science must be understood. In a remarkable accomplishment, he lucidly explains both the art and the science in a concise and impressive book!

Now that he has built the bridge, what remains to be done is to cross over it by getting on stage and then building bridges of your own.

on April 24, 2015
This is an excellent book, a necessary bridge for technical professionals who are willing to improve their public speaking skills. It is based on effective storytelling techniques and contains lots of exercises. One of the greatest strengths of this book is the comprehensive list of references about the main issues involving public speaking. I particularly like the discussion on how to achieve the state of flow in chapter 16. This book is also easy to follow and understand. It provides a solid platform to continually improve your skills. Great book!

Crissy Butts on August 2, 2017

Necessary Bridges is loaded with juicy goodness for any aspiring speaker! Rashid is so well read, when you finish, it’s like reading 100 Great Books in One! This book is PACKED with great additional resources that Rashid has gleaned from, if you only have time to read 1 Speaker Coaching Book, read Necessary Bridges!

I’ve heard Rashid speak and he WALKS the TALK. He engages the audience, has learned to read the facial expressions and respond accordingly. He is gentle, funny, approachable, and helps others to be at ease. He has become a mentor to many Houston Chapter National Speaker Association Academy Students, Toastmasters Members, and so many others. He is philanthropic in nature and Necessary Bridges shares an abundance of tips to become a better speaker as well as a better person! 5 Stars All the Way!

on August 3, 2015
Rashid has the innate ability to recognize the potential inside of a person!
I am Carol Ann. The lady he mentioned on page 170. I was fearful of public speaking…yes, but even more fearful of the feedback I would get from the group- my body took on a mind of its own in front of an audience. I was so anxious! I so admired anyone who could get up in front of a crowd and speak!
Urgently encouraged by Rashid four years ago, I was challenged by his strong persuasiveness to finally take on a speaking role, then three years later went on to achieve the highest level of leadership and communication at Toastmasters International, the DTM: Distinguished Toastmaster award!
This book is typically Rashid-an extension of him in written word.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to take their life to a higher level of intelligence. Let Rashid persuade you into becoming a better leader and communicator. If I were to sum up Rashid’s work it would be in two sentences:
Push through.
You are on your way!
Carol Ann

on June 28, 2015

Many people have a fear of public speaking and therefore avoid this at all cost. By avoiding public speaking, I feel that we may be limiting our careers and opportunities in both our business and personal lives. This is why I think this book is so darned important. This is not your standard book on public speaking, but rather a book written by an engineer and a project manager; and I might add a personal friend of mine, Rashid Kapadia. Having the mind of an engineer, Rashid has undertaken a different approach to this topic than I have seen before, and has made some amazing and useful discoveries that I think we all can use in our daily lives. I hope you get as much out of this as I did and make a commitment to purchase and read Rashid’s excellent book. Enjoy.

Rashid Kapadia has the knack of explaining complex engineering so even a layman can easily understand the dynamics of the project scope. He easily captured my attention when I first heard him speak at a Project Management Institute (PMI) Houston meeting (way back in February, 2010) and it was apparent we needed to have him present at the annual 3-day conference! Rashid is a project manager’s dream, promptly submitting the signed agreement, presentation material and speaker data sheet. His breakout sessions at this conference were an outstanding success with 80% of the attendees giving a rating of “excellent”, the other 20% rating “very good” and all asking to bring him back to present at next year’s conference. Rashid continues to share his extensive experience with others and consistently demonstrates his willingness to help others step out of their comfort zone to reach for their dreams, and, he leads by example. He is one of the most well-read individuals and it’s astounding how he can recall the title, author and salient facts of each book so readily. Rashid is a knowledgeable speaker and knows how to impart that knowledge to others in an entertaining and insightful way, which you will readily agree when you read his book “Necessary Bridges: Public Speaking & Storytelling for Project Managers & Engineers”. Keep pen and paper handy, because you will be taking notes as you read through “Necessary Bridges” and work through the powerful exercises Rashid Kapadia has designed to help you enhance your skills.