Talks & Topics

My public speaking mission
Share & Spread Valuable Knowledge
Laud Equanimity & Wisdom
Build Necessary Bridges

Signature Talks:

  1. Necessary Bridges: Public Speaking and Storytelling for Project Managers & Engineers
  2. Necessary Bridges: Public Speaking and Storytelling for Citizens, Business Owners, Professionals and Leaders
  3. Necessary Bridges: Public Speaking and Storytelling for xx and yy

Making a Case & Demo Video for Public Speaking & Storytelling

Engineers and STEM professionals: you are ambassadors of the greatest of professions: the time has come to Stand Up, Step Up & SPEAK! Public speaking is not tough. Public speaking can be exhilarating. The world of engineering is replete with spellbinding accomplishments which ought to be converted into mesmerizing talks. Will you do you part? I can help.

Rashid N. Kapadia, Speaker, Demo Video, Multiple Topics

Other Talks:

  1. FLOW: The Final Performance Frontier (Alternate: Finding FLOW on Projects)
  2. Conflict Resolution: A Strategy of of Respect and Empathy – with Examples from History
  3. RISK Management: Insights & Ideas from Prospect Theory and Psychology
  4. Insights from Psychology for Business / Project / Education / xxx Success
  5. Feedback for Growth / Feedback for Mastery
  6. Memory Palace Memorization and Power Reading in Public Speaking 
  7. Effective Listening and Better Business Writing
  8. Evolution of Time Management: From Lists to FLOW
  9. 3 (new) Rs:  Resilience, Reflection, Relationships
  10. The Paradox of Planning
  11. Harnessing the Power of Emotion in Public Speaking & Storytelling
  12. Understanding the Fear of Public Speaking, Harnessing its Energy, and Converting it to Exhilaration in Public Speaking
  13. Public Speaking is a Connection Enabler
  14. SUCCESS: Impulse Control (Willpower) is the best predictor of success
  15. Overview of Happiness
  16. Continuous Improvement in Project Scheduling
  17. Custom Developed Talk Based on Customer Needs and Requests

I develop material that interests me–generated by extensive reading–and simultaneously solves human problems. I like to combine emerging knowledge, scientifically enlightened thinking, a duty of care, and being a detective, with speaking expertise to provide pragmatic human solutions to challenging issues.


I envision that someday at least 100 thousand engineers (& STEM professionals) will be able to speak more effectively, and at least as eloquently, as at least 100 heads of state.

Rashid N Kapadia’s QUOTATIONS:


  • Eloquence today is as essential as analysis, judgment, and thoughtfulness. Eloquence today ought to be elevated to the same status as analysis, judgment, and thoughtfulness.
  • Every engineer, every professional, every leader, every business owner, and every citizen can be a better engineer, professional, leader, business owner, and citizen by becoming a better public speaker & storyteller.
  • Public Speaking and Storytelling are human-connection enablers.


  • FLOW = Final Performance Frontier


  • The Greatest Feedback Commandment is “Make Me Care”


  • You don’t have to be happy to work here … but it helps. You don’t have to bring human-flourishing to work here … but it helps.

Rashid is an EVANGELIST for:

  • Public Speaking and Storytelling
  • FLOW States (FLOW is the Final Performance Frontier)
  • Disciplined and regular (non-fiction) reading especially to the STEM professions, managers, leaders, and business owners.

Rashid’s public speaking mission is to:

  • build bridges that connect diverse skills and professions
    – to share and spread valuable knowledge
  • to create content that is simultaneously anchored in (1) The Humanities, (2) Science, & (3) Growth & Success