A 1-hour talk about my journey into the world of public speaking and storytelling.

It discusses my top three lessons learned.

  1. Acknowledge, honor, and embrace the power of EMOTIONS
  2. FEAR of Public Speaking is not sensibly understood
  3. Public Speaking and Storytelling are CONNECTION enablers

Delivered on April 17, 2016 to  ASQ Houston (American Society for Quality) 

FLOW is A New Frontier in human performance. Public speaking can be a FLOW enabler.

The basics of FLOW (1- hour lecture)

Click here for a gift pdf version of Necessary Bridges RNK Chapter 16. It covers FLOW which— in my opinion—is a certain route to mastery and  top performance.

More details on FLOW.

Delivered on Sept 14, 2016 to  PMI-H (Project Management Institute – Houston) 

Elements of Risk Management: Ideas and Insights from Prospect Theory & Psychology.

A look at some significant failures in business, international affairs, industry, and finance (Enron, 2008 Financial Crisis, Eisenhower U-2 crisis, Plane Crashes, Cuban Missile Crisis) And an argument that these were also failures of “Risk Management.”

Some approaches and new language from Prospect theory and Psychology (domain of gains, domain of losses, inattentional blindness, motivated blindness, slippery slope) are discussed, to better understand and prepare for similar events.

Ideas from some of the work of “Decision Making” expert Max Bazerman about the Power of Noticing are discussed.

Ideas from some of the work of “Risk & Intuition” expert Gerd Gigerenzer about Intuition and Heuristics are briefly discussed.

Solutions from business expert Jim Collins to help leaders, and managers to manage risk better are discussed.

An unusual argument is offered, that Risk Management is also an Unending Campaign, and that it would be most worthwhile for leaders and risk managers to acquire skills in persuasion, (convince, charm, cajole) campaigning, and public speaking.

Delivered on July 9, 2019 to  PMI-H (Project Management Institute – Houston) 

Insights from Positive Psychology for Success

A 60-minute talk on how 3 streams of happiness (positive psychology) can generate success. (1) pleasure/positive emotions, (2) passion/engagement, (3) purpose/meaning.
There are 3 BIG IDEAS –
(1) You don’t have to bring happiness (human flourishing) to work here—but it helps.
(2) Happiness (human flourishing) helps people get things done. Unhappiness hinders people from getting things done.
(3) Happiness (human flourishing) is a precursor to success more than it is a consequence of it!

Delivered on July 27, 2017 to  PMI-H (Project Management Institute – Houston) 

Conflict Resolution: A Strategy of Respect & Empathy–with Examples from History

How did some giants in history transition FROM implacable foes locked into very different histories TO An Epic Reconciliation?
1. How did they avoid continuing to the point here they no longer cared if they destroyed each other?
2. By using a strategy—and harnessing the power-—of respect and empathy.
3. By upholding their dignity in a way that compelled all around them to respect them.

Delivered on August 1, 2017 to  Cyfair-Houston Chamber of Commerce

Feedback for Growth & Mastery

  • Well-intentioned and skillfully delivered feedback is a fuel for growth.
  • Insightful and/or expert feedback is a building block of mastery.
  • Frequent and candid feedback is a formula for making feedback feel normal; and for creating a culture of continuous feedback.

Key Takeaways:

  • Frequency of feedback provided is more important than proficiency & eloquence of feedback provider.
  • Intention of feedback provider is more important than proficiency & eloquence of feedback provider.
  • Feedback that is sought is far more effective than feedback that is enforced.

Delivered on January 11, 2018 to  TXBA SHRM.
(Society for Human Resource Management, Texas Bay Area)

As part of the 2017 (Indian) Republic Day celebrations, I had the high honor of being invited to give four talks at my historic Lawrence School Lovedale, India.  This is one of those talks, given to the 10th & 11th grade students.

Delivered on Jan 25, 2017 at Lawrence School, Lovedale (India)

From a blog article:
When opening your presentations: Be Bold … Use the rule-of-3 … Be Unusual