“Rashid’s presentation was what you’d expect to see at the 
of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).”
HR Director Elizabeth Wojtowicz, SPHR, SHRM-SCP,

Texas Bay Area SHRM, Chapter President
Coastal Flow Measurement Companies, HR Director

We were lucky to have Rashid N. Kapadia speak at one of our monthly Texas Bay Area Society for Human Resources Management meetings on “Feedback for Growth & Mastery”.  I was completely impressed with Rashid’s message and delivery. As the Chapter President of TXBA SHRM, I was proud to be able to bring this high quality presenter to our small chapter.

His presentation was what you’d expect to see at the National SHRM conference.  I left the meeting and immediately shared Rashid’s contact information with other Texas SHRM chapter leaders, and encouraged them all to invite Rashid to speak at their meetings or conferences.  He was so good that we are having him back to present at our Essential Tools For Top Managers workshop later this month!

Dr. B Sriram
Senior Doctor in the United Kingdom
Faculty of Teachers & Trainers.
Warwick University Medical School,
& Imperial College London. UK.

I am required to do talks in front of varying audiences.

I was inspired, and overcame my nervousness when I found “Necessary Bridges”—by my friend and classmate from school Rashid N. Kapadia—and tips to understand stage-fright, and overcome nervousness. I watched in amazement how effortlessly and confidently Rashid did his one-hour talk on FLOW.

I approached Rashid for help. He took me through all the stages of speech preparation:

  • script crafting
  • slides and visual aids creation
  • rigorous delivery practice
  • pre-speech routines and rituals

For the entire duration of my speech, I was in the FLOW state, where I performed at my best and felt at my best.

Rashid’s coaching has been life-changing in my career, and my talks have been well received. I am now more confident, and am getting even better with Rashid’s continuing input.

A big thank you Rashid for all your help and input.

Sohrab R. Mistri.
PhD Research Scholar, Aerospace Engineering

IIT (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)

Speaker Coach Rashid N. Kapadia has absolutely hit the hammer on the head with his bookNecessary Bridges: Public Speaking & Storytelling For Project Managers & Engineers”.

Engineers have “a lot to say!!!”- but underestimate the importance of “how to say”.

He has coached me through countless presentations since I was doing my masters.

The outcome: my faculty has always used my presentations as a perfect example for the coming batches.

He taught me to “literally engineer” my presentations for the audience; right from gold standard tips in slide making all the way through techniques to talk fluently and keep my audience engaged.

His coaching has helped me stand out from the crowd, may it be in presentations, college admission write-ups or even video making for my product recently launched which had an unexpectedly large customer reach.

Once again, thank you so much for your mentorship!!!

Debarghya Sarkar.
Scientist. Doctoral Candidate
USC. (University of Southern California)

“I am extremely fortunate to have received direct mentorship from Rashid Kapadia towards effective presentation and public speaking.

His general storytelling strategies and detailed critiquing of my presentation helped me transform the technical content of my talk to be better understood by a broad audience.

His avid mentorship has helped me win a public technical talk competition at my university resulting in a scholarship, and has helped me gather praises and increased interest in my research from attendees at major conferences.

Statement by Healthcare Leadership Expert Tim Durkin

Necessary Bridges is an excellent, dare I say indispensable, book for anyone who is or aspires to be a project manager, engineer, accountant or scientist.

Kapadia is a gifted writer and speakerHis goal is to enable and ennoble those who aspire to succeed in the STEM based vocations.

This book is a specific how-to, owners manual for speaking success. I enjoyed every page and learned a great deal. It is the best book I have ever read on the subject.
Tim Durkin, Healthcare Leadership Expert
P.S. I have been speaking professionally for over 20 years.

… By the way, please know that I take this book to each of my management courses
I teach at SMU, and actually show it to the executives, (it’s an Executive
Education program) most of whom are engineers or IT professionals. I
tell them it’s the one book they need to become top notch presenters and

Statement by Director of Education, SpeakerMatch Academy  Richard Andrews

Rashid Kapadia’s new book, ‘Necessary Bridges’, has broken new ground in the literary cannon of public speaking. In a powerful, novel way he breathes new life into the professional applications (and necessities!) of becoming a competent and skilled speaker. He does so primarily for those in the engineering industry, but also by extension for anyone who wants to spread their message more purposefully, with grace and a tangible positive impact.

Necessary Bridges is like reading 100 Great Books in One! Crissy Butts

Necessary Bridges is loaded with juicy goodness for any aspiring speaker! Rashid is so well read, when you finish, it’s like reading 100 Great Books in One! This book is PACKED with great additional resources that Rashid has gleaned from, if you only have time to read 1 Speaker Coaching Book, read Necessary Bridges!

I’ve heard Rashid speak and he WALKS the TALK. He engages the audience, has learned to read the facial expressions and respond accordingly. He is gentle, funny, approachable, and helps others to be at ease. He has become a mentor to many Houston Chapter National Speaker Association Academy Students, Toastmasters Members, and so many others. He is philanthropic in nature and Necessary Bridges shares an abundance of tips to become a better speaker as well as a better person! 5 Stars All the Way!

E-Mail from Mark Mascarenhas following a Chamber of Commerce talk

Thank you and the chamber for organizing the luncheon to listen to Rashid Kapadia. I am totally impressed with his message and the way it was delivered. It moved me and also made me look at how I talk and view people around me. It was an honor for me to listen to the great speech which has made me start use his methods in my daily life.
Mark Mascarenhas, Owner; Kiddie Academy of Longenbaugh-Cypress

E-Mail from Gregory Falzone following a Chamber of Commerce talk

Thank you for your presentation this morning.
It was the best presentation that I have seen in many years.
I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.
Gregory Falzone
Financial Strategist & Financial Advisor, Diamond Client Group