Every engineer, every professional, every leader, every business owner, and every citizen
can be a better engineer, professional, leader, business owner, and citizen
by becoming a better public speaker & storyteller.

I envision that someday
at least 100 thousand engineers (& STEM professionals)
will be able to speak more effectively,
and at least as eloquently,
as at least 100 heads of state. 

Necessary Bridges can help you acquire public speaking expertise
Rashid N. Kapadia can persuade you to become a BRILLIANT Speaker!

Every engineer & STEM professional can articulate an engineering & STEM challenge as eloquently and inspirationally, as the speaker does in the audio of this clip.
At the very least, every engineer and STEM professional can aspire to do so.

STEM = Science Technology Engineering Mathematics
Audio = JFK/moon speech segment/Rice University Sept 12, 1962